Thursday, July 14, 2016

Litany and Prayer for Second Sunday in Lent, Year C

Call to Worship:
One: God is our light and our salvation.
All: Whom shall we fear?
One: God is the stronghold of our life.
All: Of whom shall we be afraid?
One: Let us not worry about what is behind,
All: Let us turn instead to what lies ahead.
One: Let us press on toward the goal of God’s call,
All: And keep our eyes on the prize!
One: And - let us sing!
All: Let us sing and make melody to God! Amen.

Community Prayer:
O God, Our Light and Guide,
You are with us each and every step we take in our lives. As Paul did for the church in Philippi, you care about us as we encounter obstacles and difficulties in our lives. You encourage us to lift our heads and look forward when we falter and or feel overwhelmed. When we are tempted to respect more those with money or power, you challenge us to instead lift up those without. In times when we feel worried or frightened, you comfort us and teach us to hold fast to what we know is right. Guide us as we try likewise to encourage, challenge and comfort those we encounter in our daily living. This we pray, O Loving God. Amen.
Prayer and Call to Worship by K. K. Hudson-Bates

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