Monday, July 25, 2016

Litany and Prayer for the Sixth Sunday in Easter, Year A

Call to Worship:
One: May God be gracious to you and bless you.
All: May God’s face shine on you!
One: God has given us an Advocate, a Spirit of truth.
All: God is with us. We are not left orphaned;
One: God truly listens, and gives heed to the words of our prayers.
All: Through the many trials in our lives,
One: God’s loving Advocate, God’s Spirit of truth, remains with us always.
All: Let us all sing for joy and praise God! Amen.
                    from Psalm 67 and John 14:16-21

Community Prayer:
God of Spirit and Truth,
You have indeed given us an Advocate. Your Holy Spirit continues to reach out to us, teaching us, reminding us, guiding us. Your Spirit of truth is with us through drought and forest fires, through hunger, through the daily violence that shatters our world and lives, and through day to day conflicts that wear away at our center of balance. Your Spirit of truth nudges us to recognize the ways we are complicit in the causes of drought, violence, hunger, and daily conflicts. We pray that you help us loosen our tight grasp on the ways of the world, and open our hearts and minds to your way, that you might fill us with your peace and a clearer vision of your love for us and our world. This we pray, O Holy Spirit. Amen.
                            Call and Prayer by K. K. Hudson-Bates

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