Monday, December 21, 2015

Litany for Third Sunday in Advent 2015

Candlelighting Reading for
Dec 13 (3rd Sunday in Advent):
John the Baptist told the crowds who came to be baptized,
“Whoever has two coats must share
with anyone who has none.”
“Whoever has food must do likewise.”
He exhorted tax collectors not to be corrupt,
and soldiers not to cheat or harass people.

In our world today, we think of families without homes,
of children who grow up hungry or malnourished.
We think of the recent revelations of police mistreatment of people of color.
We remember women who feel trapped or powerless against abuse.
We think of politicians corrupted by their power,
of corporations that pillage our environment because of greed.

And we wonder...
What do John’s words mean for us?
What would John the Baptist be saying today?
What can we do to change structures of power?
Where can we most make a difference in the lives of those who hunger or are powerless?
How do we build a world that is fair and just?

We light the first Advent candle,
Remembering our hope for justice and peace for our world.
We light the second Advent candle,
Wishing for freedom from fear for all God’s people.
We light this third Advent candle today,
Praying for what is right and fair for all in our world.

One: In hope, we anticipate the One who is to be born, and together we pray.
All: Come, Emmanuel, Come!
                                Litany by K. K. Hudson-Bates

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