Monday, December 21, 2015

Litany for Second Sunday in Advent 2015

Candlelighting Reading for
Dec 6 (2nd Sunday in Advent):
In today’s scriptures,
Luke speaks of a light brought to those who sit in darkness,
We wonder…
Who are God’s people today?
In what darkness and shadow of death are they sitting?
How will God bring them freedom?

We think of refugees fleeing violence in our world.
We think of families broken by violent deaths here and around the globe.
We think of people in prisons, people in war-torn places, people in fear.

We light the first Advent candle,
Remembering our hope for justice and peace for our world.
We light this second Advent candle,
Wishing for freedom from fear for all God’s people.
And we wonder...
How can we be God’s light?
Can we bring new dawn to the lives of people living in fear?
Can we help people find safety?
Can we help guide the world into the way of peace?

One: In hope we anticipate the One who is to be born, and together we pray.
All: Come, Emmanuel, Come!
                                Litany by K. K. Hudson-Bates

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