Saturday, August 27, 2016

Litany and Prayer for Fourth Sunday in Easter, Year C

Call to Worship:
One: With God as our shepherd,
All: We need nothing more!
One: God leads us to paths at the wetlands,
All: Or by the quiet waters of Cache Creek, for walks that might restore our spirits.
One: God guides us to work for justice,
All: To challenge - in God’s holy name - any wrongs we find in our world.
One: Even in the depths of our misery,
All: Even while walking through our darkest hours,
One: The God of Love is with us, comforting us, chasing away our fears!
All: Let us worship God together!
         from Psalm 23

Community Prayer:
The Lord be with you.
And also with you.
Let us pray:
God of Love,
You are our Loving Shepherd.
Your creation beckons us, calling us to renew our spirits, to reconnect: to spend more time in our gardens, on pathways in nature, at the arboretum, on mountain trails or walking the labyrinth, to restore imbalances caused by too much work, too much screen time, too much time commuting on busy highways. You call us to better serve in our community and world: speaking justice, healing pain, and reaching out in love. We pray that we might answer your calls - to restore our souls so that we are energized, and to do your work in our world. This we pray, O God of All Creation. Amen.
                Litany and Prayer by K. K. Hudson-Bates

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