Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Litany for 11 March 2012

Occasionally, I can just pull out a Call I've written in the past and use it just as it is. This is one of those Sundays. This one I wrote back in 2009, but I don't think I need to change anything in it.

Third Sunday in Lent        11 March 2012:
Call to Worship
L: The heavens are telling the glory of God!
P: The firmament proclaims God’s handiwork!
L: God’s voice goes out through all the earth,
P. God’s words to the end of the world.
L: Yet too often we do not listen, God’s voice is not heard.
P: Too often we defile your temple, we pollute your earth.
All: Open our ears that we might know your Glory,
       and our eyes that we might receive your word!  
                                    drawn from Psalm 19
                                             Call to Celebration by K.K. Hudson-Bates

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